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On the covid-19 beat: Rule enforcers seek cooperation but come ready to fine scofflaws

Across the nation, states and localities battle a coronavirus surge by imposing some of the most sweeping restrictions since the stay-at-home orders of...

Air travel hits pandemic record amid surging infections and hospitalizations

Disease trackers warn of “a surge upon a surge” in the United States.

Inside a Rhode Island field hospital, preparing for the worst of the pandemic

States turn to battlefield medical facilities as the coronavirus’s uncontrolled spread continues.

Coronavirus stalls long-awaited day in court for historic opioid lawsuit

The delays could cost the litigation a year until resolution, a plaintiff in the case predicted

A Black doctor alleged racist treatment before dying of covid-19: ‘This is how Black people get killed’

Indiana University Health System, which operates the hospital where the physician was treated, declined to comment on treatment details but said it would...

Vaccines will work against new coronavirus variants spreading through U.K. and South Africa, experts believe

Even if the virus were to mutate further, the vaccines could be rapidly reprogrammed to remain effective.

Politicians get vaccinated early to build public trust, while furious health workers wait

Disputes about vaccine distribution have been playing out nationwide in the week-and-a-half since officials began distributing the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine following emergency authorization.

U.S., Pfizer reach deal expanding American vaccine supply

The deal enlarges by a third the amount of vaccine that will be available by the middle of next summer.

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