Florida deputy responds to alligator report, finds pool toy instead

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What a croc!

Authorities in Florida went to take a look at a report of an alligator staking out a shed in Polk County — solely to seek out it was a gator-shaped pool floatie.

“Deputy Trexler went to a name about an alligator in a storage shed. He got here…he noticed…he conquered the beast,” the Polk County Sheriff tweeted Wednesday, together with an image of the deputy pretending to wrestle the gator

“He even knocked the wind out of it. Actually. The gator turned out to be a pool floatie.”

The joke then tailed off right into a debate about whether or not the float was really a illustration of an alligator — or crocodile.

“That is humorous, however as longtime Floridians y’all ought to know that’s a croc float not a gator. Discover the V formed snout and enamel exhibiting,” tweeeted Gene Wexler, an anchor for the Orlando-based WBDO readio station, in response.

That’s when the Polk County Sheriff’s workplace dusted off the proof.

“EXHIBIT A:” the sheriff’s workplace responded, with a screenshot of what seems to the very same float on-line on the market.

“Inflatable Real looking Alligator Journey On Gator Children Toy,” the product was titled.

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